WInter’s finally hit here in Michigan, and with the snow comes cabin fever. You can’t get outside for fear of falling, and some days it’s hard enough just to get to your car across the parking lot. So how do you break out of the house, get some exercise in, and stay safe? Our outdoor experts at Earth’s Edge recommend you check out some handy products from Yaktrax!

What are Yaktrax?

Yaktrax are high quality traction devices designed by a company of the same name. The devices were created to provide a solution to just that problem you’re facing today: staying active and getting outside safely in packed ice and snow. A combination of natural rubbers and steel, the Yaktrax slip over your shoes, and metal coils dig into ice and snow with every step you take, providing stability in all directions. You don’t have to worry about a learning curve either, Yaktrax allow you to walk just as naturally as you would on any other day.

What product is right for me?

There are four basic styles of Yaktrax, each geared towards different activity levels. We’ve put together this guide to help you decide which device is best for you.

WALK – The Yaktrax Walk is the original version of the traction device. It’s great for those who are just looking to get out of the house for a bit or take a leisurely stroll about town with the dog. Designed specifically for walkers, the Yaktrax Walk holds safety at the forefront of its design. This is a great option for the elderly as well, as it is easily taken on and off and provides excellent stability.

PRO – The Yaktrax Pro is a great all around option. If you do a bit of walking, a bit of running, and need something to fit every situation, the Pro is the choice for you. More technical than the Walk, this design frees you up to do whatever you want. If you’re outside for long periods of time, and you do a variety of activities, say you’re a mail carrier, an athlete, or you’re just outdoors all the time, the Pro is your answer to icy conditions.

RUN – Designed specifically for runners, the Yaktrax Run uses top-of-the-line steel coils and spikes to ensure the best traction on the market. Combined with natural rubber, you’re guaranteed to run safely for as far as you like, no matter the conditions. Whether you’re just getting back into running or you’re a longtime marathoner, this is a traction device built for you.

XTR – For the avid hiker and winter explorer, the Yaktrax XTR is a technically superior product. With flexible plates at the heel and toe, this design was created for those who go farther than the beaten path. And, like all Yaktrax traction devices, you’re guaranteed the best traction in the worst environments. Rated for temperatures as low as -41º F, you can go where you want, knowing you’ll have the traction to get there.