Did you know we stock a complete line of knives and hatchets? Every camper and person who spends time in the outdoors needs to have a nice pocket knife for whittling a marshmallow stick, cutting rope, and a variety of other tasks. Here at Earth’s Edge, we offer several brands including Helle, Benchmade, Kershaw and everybody’s favorite pocket knife, the Swiss Army Knife.

Helle Knives

Helle Knives are imported from Norway and have been made by the same family for generations. These high-end knives have a custom look and feel that sets them apart from the competition. The wooden handles on a Helle knife are a work of art.

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives is a brand widely known throughout the world. Kershaw offers a wide variety of knives from simple folding knives that are perfect to carry in the woods or while on the water to military style knives that are built more for the hardcore outdoor enthusiasts. We offer several models to choose from.

Benchmade Knives

Another great knife brand that is popular with our customers is Benchmade. Benchmade Knives are a high quality knife that is built to last. Their folding knives are extremely popular because of their sleek lightweight design.

Swiss Army Knife

One knife that needs no introduction is the Swiss Army Knife. These knives are not only a knife, but also a multi-tool. A camper who needs a knife, tooth pick, scissors or a cork screw will find it all in one Swiss Army Knife.

Hults Bruk Hatchets

Having a hatchet handy when camping at a campground or off the beaten path can make cutting wood for the fire or performing other camp chores a piece of cake. We carry Hults Bruk hatchets. These top of the line hatchets are hand forged in Sweden and built to last.

The Christmas holiday is right around the corner. A knife or hatchet is a great gift for the camper or outdoor enthusiast in your life.