If you love to travel, you have probably considered having a roof rack installed on your vehicle so you can easily haul luggage, bicycles, kayaks, or skis. Here at Earth’s Edge, we sell the top brands of racks, including Thule and Yakima. “We are one of the only rack installers in the West Michigan area. All a person needs to do is stop in to our store and we can help them put together the perfect rack system for their vehicle,” Karl Tucker from Earth’s Edge said.

Not all rack systems are created equal. “One misconception is that the luggage rack that comes stock from the factory is good enough. Many of the racks that come on vehicles are not designed to carry much weight. If a person or family travels a lot and puts a lot of weight on their roof, it is best to have a rack that was designed to hold a lot of weight,” Tucker explained.

One advantage of purchasing a rack from Earth’s Edge is they can customize a system to fit your needs. “We have people who come in and purchase a rack for their luggage, but end up leaving with a complete system that can also carry bikes or skis. We can even set them up so they can put a tent on their roof. The options really are endless,” Tucker added.

Best of all, if you purchase a rack system from Earth’s Edge, installation is free. “Every vehicle is a little different and every rack is installed a little different. It is not a one size fits all kind of thing,” Tucker noted. “It is best if a person can come in and tells us what they need. We will help them select the perfect rack and install it for them.” Installing a rack system typically takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Earth’s Edge will even install a rack that someone purchased from another store. “People who bought a rack online or from another dealer and need it installed can stop by and we will gladly install their rack for a fee. It is typically around $50. We have all the equipment needed to install almost any rack,” Tucker stated.

One mistake many people make when purchasing a rack system online is purchasing the wrong one. “Every vehicle requires a different setup. Unfortunately we have customers come in all the time who purchased the wrong rack online. It is best to stop into Earth’s Edge and get the right system the first time around,” Tucker suggested.

Rack systems, whether it is a simple bike rack that plugs into a hitch or a roof rack that accommodates tents, kayaks, SUPs, canoes, luggage boxes, skis and bicycles, are available at Earth’s Edge. Stop in and ask our knowledgeable staff about getting a new rack today.