So your New Year’s resolution was to get back into running, but then work hit, you’ve had crazy deadlines, and the couch always seems to be calling your name. You know you love running, but it’s just so much work. Well, there’s no easy way to get back into it, but we’ve got a few tips to help you push off that “I just can’t” feeling, and get going.

1.) Get motivated – Whether it’s buying yourself a new pair of shoes, a new running outfit, or downloading a new playlist, do something to get yourself excited about running again. When you start thinking positively about running, it becomes less of a chore, and instead something you genuinely want to do.

2.) Set a deadline – There’s 5Ks all the time, no matter where you live. Just sign up for one and go. There’s plenty of guides that can get you 5K ready, no matter where you’re starting from. Even if you’re not ready for it, a 5K is low pressure, and just being around other people who are as geeked as you are to run is a great motivator.

3.) Find a partner – Working out with a partner is a great way to get running and stick with it. Even if you only meet with them once a week, and run independently the rest of the time, they’ll keep you accountable. And if you have a bad week, you know you’ll at least have that shared run to get you back on track.

4.) Don’t overwhelm yourself – You might have been running marathons, or ultramarathons earlier, but that’s not where you have to be right now. If you’re setting yourself up for a daunting task every time you go out, you’re not likely to stick to it. Run for 5 minutes, or 10 minutes, or whatever feels comfortable for as many times as you like. Then run longer when you feel like it.

5.) Give yourself a break – If you’ve been mentally punishing yourself about how you should have been running for the last few weeks or months, you haven’t been taking a break. Give yourself an actual, intentional break, where you don’t feel bad about not running. Make sure it has a designated end date, whether it’s a week or a month from now, and then try again. Starting with a fresh mind, fresh perspective, and zero guilt will make your transition back to running much easier.

What to get back in the running game? We can help you get started.